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Wednesday, November 3

anime girl ~ ? ♥

my anime girl picture! don't i look kawaii? xD

hahaha......anyway ~
 i was talking to nicko on the phone yesterday night
we were talking about random stuff ~ then got on the subject of being good at stuff
i realized that im not really good at anything anymore
its like i reached a certain level and just stopped...
not good at sports anymore, i stopped dancing, cant get into music too much, and i cant even draw better now :[ its like i reached my limit and got stuck!
nicko said: well how about school?
me: i dont know...
nicko: i want you to make first honors.
[insert more things about school]
nicko: you can't marry me unless you go to college.
nicko: you dont have to go...but it means you cant marry me
me: ......okay i'll go to college 
i'm gonna marry him ^_^
i planned on going to college (since last year) anyway, but he was questioning whether he was going to go or not...but now he is! and he's gonna pass too :) and so am i!
you're gonna be all mine nicko baby xD
btw, follow his blog if you havent already!
that way you guys can learn more about him :)
so i totally have the peach girl opening theme stuck in my head!
well, the english version XD
i like it...but i think i sing it better than the lady does >.<
should i make a video of me doing it? hahaha
i could totally show her up XD
i sound so cocky o_o' sorry ^_^'
well i'm off to play sims!!!
you guys should check out my wallpapers i made
tell me what you think :D 
ttyl! ♥


Char said...

Awww Nicko! You guys are so cute. Lol and I wish my blog was as cool as yours! HELP! lol

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I'm TOTALLY in love with your anime-look picture! So kawaii!(>w<)♥

About me Aweedee said...

Hi there cutie~ Long time no talk~ I havent been around for such a long time! D: Missed reading your bloggie~

Haha you're so cute~ :))) Being in love is the most beautiful thing~ :)) <3

Se you around cutie and love you pic~ <3 Well you sure are good with digital photo editing!~


Aidyl said...

Kyaaaa~~~~~! (^///^)/
That picture of you looks super kawaii!<3<3<3

Aw, you two are so cute to eachother! =,)
That's such a sweet thing of him to say.

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