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Monday, January 3

happy late new year!

well...christmas break didn't exactly go as planned... well at least mt  dad came up here, so that's good. but everything else...i've just been :/ well.. just no. lol, i don't know how to describe it, i've been mad and jealous :( i might rant on my private blog later...which i have actually had for a long time but i totally forgot about it. i actually made it last fall... so far no one can read it except me though, it might stay that way, idk..

i'm so extrememly tired...icky and i feel sick :(
this picture has no color effects or re-touching at all
you can see how pale i look and how red my eyes are
i feel so gross :(
i haven't talked to anyone at school, i'm so tired
everyone keeps staring at me like i'm an alien
probably cuz i dyed my hair haha i forgot that i did
i don't really know what to blog about... just not really in a blogging mood :/
i have my first dance class in a while today
and school sucks so far, i'm freezing @_@
all i can say is that i am extremely tired and i want to go home

1 comment:

Koo said...

I hate going to school when it's cold. I hate hate hate winter!
Sorry i've been so out of touch.. I fell sick for a long time. then i'd gone on holiday :) Now i'm back on vacation still :D Sooo i can read your blog again! yayy.

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