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Wednesday, January 5

ugh :(

 well you know how i said i was just gonna be happy?
well... its way harder than it looks apparently..
and i can't do it :(
i think about things way way too much
and everything is bothering me
it's very distracting...
project due today and another in a couple of days
i have to talk in front of class next monday
not excited...
oh and have to go to the doctor too
....i just wanna go back to dance class
no worries there...just fast learning, movement, music and fun
when my b-day comes around i'm gonna use the money i get to by a new class card so i can keep going after the 8 weeks is up ^_^ i don't wanna wait till next week
in fact...if i have enough money on my b-day i'll sign up for 2 classes a week instead :D
my b-day is also a month from yesterday
i hope it is good like it was last year...
i got on twitter online for the first time in a while
and looked at all my old tweets... and me and nicks convos..
we used to see eachother so much :(
it made me sad.. i wish were still able to see eachother like that
i was so much happier then being able to get away from my house and all the people that i can't stand and just be able to be with him and hug him and kiss him and just feel loved... i like that kind of attention alot..
stupid IBS makes me wanna slaughter people..

God please make it go away so i can have my boy back?

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