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Friday, January 7

i couldn't fall asleep last night  so now im tired 
i only slept for about an hour and had a realy random dream
then a really stupid bad dream  grr... makes me mad >_<
ever since yesterday i keep thinking about how i wanna play Harvest Moon on  and how i so badly want to eat this taco salad
it looks so good~!!
ahh  why can't mami make them again
so i had a project due on wednesday
but i was lost on it  so i had to turn it in late >_<
i hate being late!!  ugh!!! so much!!
it was for government class
for my project i did a 2 page paper on the electoral college and a poster about it
it turned out great !
 for my project  
 cut out 51 little white rectangles
 labled them by state in either red or blue depending on thier political party
 drew the amount of representatives in each little square
 i think im going to ACE it
ugh thank God that teacher likes me or i would have never got the extension and failed
 so nicko and i have been having a lot of deep talks lately...
we have been talking about some things that i have been touchy with/don't really like to talk about
i'm starting to get more comfortable with saying whats on my mind now...
usually i just say nothing and leave it at that but i'm starting to say more now
i'm glad that we are talking about some of these things,
i can get them off my chest and its easier because he's the one bringing them up into conversation so i not as nervous...
sometimes i go to bed feeling a little sad, but its all worth it
 i got a notice in my mailbox yesterday,
 my card from rabbito-chan is finaly here
the bad news is...i wasn't here when the UPS was at my  ...
 i was so sad ~ ~
if i don't get it in the mail today, i will go to the post office
 i am very excited
might blog later...ttyl~


Meri and Anni said...

Yum, good looking food! *q*

Saving Capulet said...

hello pretty girl! the salad looks really yummy and great work with the project! definitely an A to me <3

moon said...

foooooooood... yeh making me hungry o.o

nice work! i bet you'll ace it, as usual, hehehe :p

you always ace your tests, you're really a big motivation for me, cuz i wanna ace my tests nao too XD

moon said...

oh and i'm also very happy to see you've become much and much more positive!

way to go girl ! :D

Anonymous said...


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