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Tuesday, January 4

beautiful song that is stuck in my head...

This song is Azul by the band Ekhymosis, it is an older Spanish alternative band from Columbia. If you know who Juanes is, he was the lead singer in this band. i love this song...it sounds good when i sing it, i might cover it. i kind of want to do an interpretive dance to it, but there is no one to see it so there is really no point to it besides personal accomplishment.
it's a gorgeous song, if you don't understand it, just put it in google translate to your language...it's very poetic ♥ ahh i love it so much.. care to listen? song and lyrics posted below :)

Hoy quiero que me lleves
Hacia donde esta la luz
En tu caballo blanco
Que galopa por el valle
Del olvido y se va
Tengo tantas ganas de ti
Que regreses por mi cuerpo y
Lentamente me dejes morir
Entra la niebla de tu bosque azul
Entre el mar y el cielo
Slo existes tu
En el aire un beso
Como lagrima que cae
En el olvido y se va
Tengo tantas ganas de.......
Tengo tantas ganas de.......

1 comment:

Joee Joe said...

do make a cover and dance of it :D I wanna see and listen!!

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