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Tuesday, January 4

todaima :D jk i wish T^T

ugh i am so sleepy T^T
i meant to update last night, but i forgot >_<
it took me forever to fall asleep and i left my computer on
i got a message from sue on msn so i talked to her for a little until i finally passed out xD
she's from a place in china near taiwan
it sounds really different from her...
she said the girls there dont wear alot of makeup there
she laughed when i compared some of the girls here to ganguro girls xD
some of them really do look like that though...
and i'm not sure if there is a good way xD
don't i just look so cute hugging my pillow?
yeah.... i didn't wanna wake up -.-
i woke up finally, i drank some smoothie and i finally woke up a few minutes ago
i really wana go back to sleep >_<
last night me and nick were giggling on the phone
it was a reminiscing conversation
i liked it ^_^ very cute
i was so hyper last night xD
dancing makes me have a really good mood!
and for some reason wierd noises make me excited??
 i start to laugh uncontrollably xD
it is horrible..

i manned up and went to my dance class yesterday! it was so much fun ^_^ this is only the second time i have ever tried hip hop dance and the first real class... it was so different @_@ i am used to taking ballet classes and hip hop is the total opposite!! in ballet...you learn terms, everything is slow, you learn all the positions and then a dance about a month later. in hip hop, you go in, you stretch and he starts dancing and you copy him and try to keep up D: the only similarity between ballet and hip hop is that you stretch at the beginning and end and there's a mirror in the room! ahh! i was so frustrated at first and i was barely getting it because it was so different of a class for me, plus it was my first dance class in almost 3 years! xD when i introduced myself to the teacher, he said was impressed with me because i caught on so fast and thinks i'll be really good in a couple weeks :) and he's already talking about auditions @_@ oh gosh xD i'm excited :D i cant wait till next week!

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