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Tuesday, January 18

i'm sorry (+rainbow eyeshadow)

ugh i am a terrible person..
i said something completely impulsive and inconsiderate last night...
i didn't want to say it but he told me to and i said it anyway and then there were no more words... after ten minutes of silence he just hung up..
my jealousy was uncontrollable at the moment and i tried to control it but i didn't :( i should not have even thought it
this morning i text him and said i was sorry and i love him.. he said it back and i told him i was going to sign up for anger managment...and i will tomaro...
he replied "well no matter what u say its ok i forgive you. and i love you so much so hava good day baby muah"
i just burst into tears...i don't deserve that
i really do love him...
today i was with my makeup set...and i wanted to do a rainbow
so here is my attempt
i tried to get a better picture altogether here

well i not in a blogging mood...
so maybe later...byebye

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