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Friday, January 21

sleepy, some makeup and the best breakfast i've ever made *drool*

yesterday we had a snow day, and we have one today too
but idk if nick has one today...
so he's gonna be super pissed off at me for being able to stay home xD
i plan to proofread my government essay, drink coffee, and watch Best Student Council all day
they have it in english, i think 26 episodes on youtube :) im on #5
the other day i was going to show my eyeshadow. but it was too hard to see :(
i found a picture on my camera and cropped it and put up the contrast
now you can actually see the colors!
i think its cute ^_^ probably wont do the lavender next time,
i'll do a bronze color, then black wing eyeliner on top ^_^
it will look super kawaii
here is yesterday's breakfast
mmmmm it was delicious! i kid you not!
hawaiian bread roll,slice chicken breast, scrambled egg and cheese
it tasted like something out of a restaurant
well, partially it kind of was, haha
my mom bought a chicken breast from HoneyBaked Ham
i hate him >_< but i like chicken sometimes :)
i must say that this is the first time i've ever seen a slice of chicken xD
it tasted sweet in a good way and really tender
i put the roll from the fridge and the chicken slice in the toaster for the same amount of time
the eggs...those are made by me entirely :)
i even layed that egg! jk but that would be so cool :D
i heated the stove to 5 and let it heat up for a second
then cracked the egg into the skillet
i seasoned it with ground basil leaves, parsley flakes salt and pepper then scrambled it for a little while, but not long enough to turn any of the parts brown
then after it was looking about done, sprinkled mozzarella on the top, flipped it over on the skillet twice to let it melt, then all on the plate and ready to eat.
Ta-DAH!!! chef aeri to the rescue :)
you guys should try it sometime ^_^
i got super emotional yesterday T  T
nick found the poem he wrote me...the one he wrote to tell me how he felt about me
its the sweetest thing i've ever gotten or read...
i had it, but i havent seen it since before i left this summer
which really kills me inside because it is so important to me...
he read the first line and my jaw dropped
he wrote a rough draft.....i didn't know he did that
i immediately burst into tears after he was done reading it
because i feel horrible about how i am towards him sometimes
and sometimes i get scared that he doesnt love me anymore because we dont see eachother...i miss that poem
it always made me feel better
and i miss that side of him...it shows best when we're face to face...i miss that the most..

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