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Monday, January 17

kawaii necklace ~ !

mood: -ish
: philly steak sanwhich
: playing sims
: lots of hip hop @ dance!!

i love photoscape better than photoshop now xD
 cant believe i just said that 
but i love it!! cute pictures are so easy on there
i made a super kawaii necklace today  look at it 
i love it 
i got a set of glow-in-the-dark beads when i was 10
and i still had them...i just made this at random xD
oh goodness my girly-ness is showing ( ._.| | |)
i have on cute make-up also, but it is very hard to see >_<
i have on pink and teal on the top then lavender on the bottom
i sure do love the pink lips these days xD
  well hugs and kisses everyone  
i am off to dance class!
i have alot of catching up to do...
i missed some stuff last week so i gotta do good now!

also i gave nick this gold diamond ring this summer...
i have been scared to ask about and was scared he lost it >_<
but he didn't :) he showed it to me today on cam
i am so happy thank you baby 
that means alot to me, really <33

well, blog again later :) c ya!

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