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Sunday, January 16

gift from nicko! n_n

today i have gotten my present from nicko  
i was so  to see everything 
of course i have been saying i've been girly  lately ~
nicko picked me out this amazing makeup set  !!!
 so shiny  *-* ooooo~!! 
so many colors! its like heaven
i &heearts; all the eyeshadow :D and the big ones are blush
then the ones  in the middle  are lip gloss 

i also got 2 new shirts!
his mom and sister picked them for me :)
i love them so so much!
floral design + purple + tank top = LOVE!!!!!
so many favorites all in one :D

and this green is my favorite on me :)
i always feel pretty in this color :)))

i really like these pictures of me also :)
did you notice that i am wearing hoop earings?
and i re-pierced my left ear so in both ears!
nick said it makes me look pretty ^_^

thank you so much for these gifts i love them all!
thank you too your mom and sis too :)

and thanks again to miss rabbito roy lee for her present <333 my bee fee!
i love all of the gifts this year :) i am happy for them all
till later.. making pixels :)
and also re-vamping my resource site! finally 10 followers on it!

1 comment:

P o o p e r said...

Ohhhhh <3 The makeup set looks amazing! haha someone's gonna have fun creating a bazillion looks. :D

Your shirts look really nice, especially the purple tank top! Maybe its the picture but the purple looks pastel like and for some reason those kind of colors look really well on you. xD; Millionth time I'm saying this!

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