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Wednesday, January 19

"oh, spazzy azi, you're such a schizo!"

not a nice nickname in my opinion >_<
a girl said this to me today in class when i was talking to her and i kept thinking i was hearing things and i kept trying to describe the noise, but no one else heard it but me...which happens alot, i told her i could hear it and that it was real! (exclamation point needed, i was whisper-yelling at her.)
she looked at me like an alien, then laughed and rolled her eyes and said "oh spazzy azi, you're such a schizo!"
i know she doesn't know about it, but i was still a little upset that she said that but i just kept my anger to myself.
i got an email from some anonymous sender and had this link inside
my initial expression was " :\  "
bad timing haha
it sucks to read stuff like this, but i know that it will always be me...and that it will never go away.
but i guess i gotta deal with it...i mean its not always a bad thing :)

1 comment:

P o o p e r said...

Not a nice nickname at all xD; I like Berry betterrr. haha, but it sucks when the same something follows you like a memory or something like this. I mean it sucks but its funny when you think back on the coincidence. xD

Oh yess my name's actually Jennifer but some people just call me Jen or other variations like Jenny :3 and Duran ... haha everyone who knows the 80s band Duran Duran would bring it up! XD I had a teacher once that use to say, "So miss Duran, are you hungry like the wolf?" XDDD

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