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Wednesday, March 2

happy happy happy! +gift from rabbito!

you probably cant tell by the picture, but i am ecsatic
this is the happyest i've been in a long time ~
its a better than perfect bounce back from this weekend
 i love my scottybaby
going to see him today  so happy  
and remember how i said every monday?  he agreed!!
so, i get to see my every monday now  its perfect
he said "monday, wednesday and friday...plus saturday and sunday" xD
 that really makes me smile :) i love him so much
i cant describe how happy i am now :)
 i want things to stay like this
i finally got my gift in the mail from rabbito chan!
click to enlarge :)

super sweet gift! i got a kawaii card, a letter, 2 smaller cards
2 okitoki phone charms and food shaped things, might be erasers xD i love them all!
if you click the image you'll be able to read all the text :)

she needs to get back from camp! i miss her dearly :(
i'm in a great mood :) i love my life right now!

♥[[xo, aeribaby]]♥

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