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Friday, March 4


sorry i havent blogged these past couple of days. 2 nights ago, was having a hard time, kind of a rough night. and yesterday was pretty good but somehing happened and i don't think i should say it. but i will be indirect.
i'll say that it started out fun, then got serious.
i'll say that real love always comes through.
i'll say it could have torn us apart, but it really brought us closer.
i'll say that i could be scared, but i'm not.
i'll say that no matter what, love never fails.
i'll say that you will always be my knight in shining armour.
i'll say that nothing can sway my thoughts of you.
i'll say that i will always be here for you no matter what happens
i'll say that i understand you, and nothing is wrong with you in my eyes.
i'll say that i never want to see you so hurt ever again.
i'll say that even if you do cry again, i'll be there to wipe your tears away.
i'll say that i will love you forever.
i'll say you're my best friend.
i'll say i'm sorry i fell asleep so early last night.
i'll say thank you to your parents for taking me home.
i'll say i cant wait to see you today.
i'll say that everything is okay, because it is.
and i'll say that i believe you when you promised me last night.
  i love you

i'll blog tomaro.
be back later.

x o , a e r i b a b y ♥

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