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Tuesday, March 1

YesStyle wishlist :)

great web site :) i got it from a facebook friend a week or 2 ago
but, i deactivated my facebook :( sooooorrrrrrrryyyyyy
if anyone needs me i'm always on here :) msn (+me! yrrebsa@live.com ) and skype! search me there as Aeri Quinones or kitty.quinones on there.

i love this site!!! so many kawaii things ♥
this is my current wishlist from there :) w/links!
Check Inset Belted Slip-Ons
Harem Pants
Skinny Pants
i like the pink and light blue ones ~
Giraffe Print Tee
Bear Print Hooded Dress
Racerback Tank Dress
^all the colors :) i want purple, green pink and black xD
too much, i know xD thats why its a wishlist!
Off-Shoulder Ribbed Top
cost 9.60 :3 cheapest on the list~~
i would color the kids with washable markers to make it look like me and nicko :)
probably the main reason i want them. 28.80$ ...i love them...

1 comment:

MOON said...

Everything looks so cute! Especially the bear hoodie! ^^

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