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Tuesday, March 1

 yesterday turned out to be such a great day 
 i  g o t  t o  s e e  m y  s c o t t y b a b
i was so happy   !!
i went over after he got out of school 
i did some homework and we talked and ate stuff
then we played DBZ Tenkaichi 3
it was fun  i even got a win ! xD
i am so happy :)
i really am...everything is perfect right now
me and my baby are great
i dance again, seeing scotty, GBA gameboy emulators, good grades, webcam chats with cute faces  i started drawing againall is good
i wanna see my boy more and maybe we can do this every monday...because i really liked it alot seeing him and then dance right after, makes the day end perfect
and since i have dance, then i dont stay too late which means his parents wont try to get us to go out to eat so he doesnt have to leave
i can't wait till i see him again  hopefully friday  

will blog later :)
    l o v e  y o u  a l l 
[[xo, aeribaby]]

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