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Wednesday, April 6

i'm going to sound like a crazy person.

think of a situation where there is "something" haunting you and only you can see it. it started out as nothing then turned into something big and mean. it has its own powers, the ability to see into your dreams and thoughts and the power to twist them into things that are worse than anything you can ever think of. it uses your every thought - happy or bad - against you and makes it bad or worse. then you later find out that its really the lost part that broke away from someone, and that part was trying rejoin with the body of the one who cast it away and used you to try to get there.
sound crazy? i'm sure it does, that's why i'm not going into detail about it >.<
so, like the new blog theme? ^_^ i know the bg is a little lopsided but its still pretty close...maybe exact measurements later...my first non-tile bg i've made since my myspace days haha
i kinda miss myspace, i had alot of friends on there and i loved how you could customise your page with songs and html codes. and everyone could see it, because everyone had it. honestly i always like it better than facebook lol
been photoshop addicted lately... so i'll post this too
p r o j e c t s   i n   t h e   w o r k s :
blessthefall (with craig) wallpaper :: the used wallpaper :: summer 2O1O picture collage
and remember i'm taking requests :) go to my wallpapers page and leave a comment
i am very bored right now -________- i'm in yearbook and we dont do anything in here! just sit here...we work only like every 2 weeks. speaking of work...i'm gonna try to apply at mcdonalds >_> i really dont wanna work there but i need a job really bad so i'll have to try -_- i wanna make money ^_^ i like the feeling of it...yayeah :3
sort of drawing a blank on what to blog about o_o i'm sorry xD

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