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Tuesday, April 5

a restless night...

we know eacother so well that we even have the same dreams sometimes,
last night we had the same dream about eacchother and it was bad :(
i woke up crying and he woke up furious, i wasnt going to tell him i had a bad dream because things are going so well with us, but he told me about his and i told him i had one too.
it just sucks because they seem so real
i go to sleep in real life, then in the dream i wake up and get out of bed, go through a whole day with my normal routine, and nothing unrealistic happens in the dream it all seems real.. then at the end of the day in the dream i go to sleep then wake up in real life. this dream lasted 3 days, so i honestly thought it was thursday when i woke up.
and even wierder that today started just like the tuesday in my dream, which is honestly freaking me OUT.
im sure all that stuff wouldnt happen though...
so anyway, added new songs to my singingbox list :)
keep on adding too xD if you need some mp3 links for ur, go to free download sites
they have good ones ^_^ basically if the song plays on there, then go to the download link, right-click and do "copy shortcut" and you got the link :) and if you click "save link as..." you download it xD i did it by accident
speaking of song downloads, i want an mp3 player...
i actually want a mini ipod :( not a shuffel tho...pretty sure someone stole my shuffle...
i want one of these
Ematic 4GB MP3 Player with 1.5" Screen and Built-in FM Radio, Assorted Colors

  • 29.50$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 4GB flash memory

  • 1.5" color display

  • Voice Recorder

  • or one of these
    Ematic 2GB MP3 Video Player with 1.5" Screen

  • 25$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 2GB capacity and 2GB flash memory

  • Stores up to 1000 songs, hours of videos or hundreds of pictures

  • Ematic 4GB Video MP3 Player with 2.4" LCD, built in 5MP Digital Camera, (Assorted Colors)
    but this one is my favorite!
    under 50$ and has a camera :) the even have purple! but the orange one is the one that caught my attention surprisingly o_o and the yellow too...what is wrong with me xD i like the pink too :D oh no im dying xDD

  • 4GB & 39.88$ walmart online - store pickup

  • 5MP digital camera

  • Video recording capability

  • Voice recorder

  • FM tuner/recorder

  • E-Book function

  • omg i sooo want it and its so cute too :]
    well...i'll probably blog in study hall, so i'll see everyone later :)

    thank you for your comments by the way ^^
    i'm replying back :D and also, just a reminder i moved my tagboard to its own spot in a page (link up top) and comments are enabled on my profile page and wallpaper page :)

    1 comment:

    huy tran said...

    hey, i liked that song 'Ryussei Record' by Marble so much that i downloaded it. it's a nice, calm song. thanks for sharing! ^^

    pwoah. i don't dream that much i don't think. but when i do, i wake up and only have a vague memory of it. oh well.

    ah, why buy a mp3 player when you've got a phone right? i put all my music on there and listen. so before my day starts, i just bring my phone (don't have to worry about any mp3 player).

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