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Thursday, April 7

pop and lock and pon and zi :D

goooood morning 
i am super sleep this morning
i woke up at 4 for some reason and could not get back to sleep for anything :(
today i have my hair in 2 braids...
it was supposed to be down but i laid in my bed till 6:3O and ended up with no time to do anything with it so i left it in my hair D:
but not looking that bad...

yesterday, i was watching dance videos on youtube and my friend sent me this link to this video
i was like omg :o how do they DO that?!?
nicko can dance like that so he said he'd show me ^^
he said there is no fluid movement in it...that its all twitching basically
the ballerina in my brain's mind shattered!
because i used to be huge in ballet and we were taught that if the movement wasnt fluid then it was ugly then you get in trouble with the teacher >.<
so this is gonna be even harder than hip hop!
let me (re)introduce you all to some cute little friends of mine :)
you may have met them before, thier names are...
thier undeniable cuteness is just contagious :)
they are these 2 little emo characters that obviously have a thing for eachother (i think mostly pon crushing on zi) and they're always in these cute pictures. the artist is jeff thomas or "azuzephre"
i love these 2 ^_^ sooo cute <33
^ that one is one of my favorites :) its adoooorable <333 !
♥ well this is all for now :) will be back later bloggies ♥

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