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Thursday, April 7

random doodling...

bored in class with ms paint xD

i like my signature :)

thinking of youu <3

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Aidyl said...

Mooornin~ Aeri-chan! (^-^)/
Haha, I also draw in paint when I'm at work (because they dont have any other graphics programme..x__x)
but it always turns out crap. xD
I like the last one!! So cute!
I cant manage to draw letters that straight with my mouse.

Ah, and I have a question for you as a photoshop pro!
I know you're taking requests, but is it only for wallpapers?
I'm thinking of changing my hair o black and would be curious what it looks like beforehand.So only if you'd like to, I'd be happy to borrow your awesome skills! (^-^)v


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