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Tuesday, April 5

mwooow ( > ^ _ ^ < )

im at nicks......AGAIN :D
for dinner we had something i wish i would have taken a picture of [[didnt do it because i was afraid his mom would think i was odd xD]] it was sooo so so good :D
it was chicken...baked with corn flakes! odd combo, huh? well it's delicious~!!
and we had green beens, brown sugar carrots and blueberry muffins :) my favorite kind ^_^
his dad said i kept nick up too late last night :( ...better remember you guys are the ones who made him shower at 10 @ night! :P thanks for the dinner ;D
seriously it was awesome :D
today we played soccer and basketball and watched him play drums ^_^
i love hanging out with him :) how bout cancel school so i can just lay around with him all day xD
i miss him and i still here for 14 more minutes D: wahh
love love love is amazinginginging =] <333

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