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Thursday, May 5

Coffee Samurai

anyone else watched this OVA? it's interesting. i saw it last week on Anime On Demand from the Anime Network. It is a little bit wierd, but there are funny inuendos in it that i didn't noticed until i watched it for a second time. like when the girl finds the "coffee samurai" he is in the form of a coffee maching (because he wished to be reincarnated with an iron body) and she finds him and takes him home as this vending machine and lays him on her bed and sleeps next to him (because she was drunk and took home a coffee machine) and the lid to his vending trap pops open xD
it's really wierd, i didn't get the whole show at first, but now i think it is cute :)

anyone have anything to add?

1 comment:

huy tran said...

LOL@Lid of vending tap popping open! xD

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