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Wednesday, May 4

♥ finally saw him!!! =D ♥ (♥pictures♥) ♥

the moisture ruined my hair! (no edit)
it's a good day today here in AeriLand, it's partly cloudy with a chance of love! 
i got to see my Nicko baby yesterday :) i am happy
it had been 3 whole weeks and i was hating pretty much everything :[
and i missed him, which didnt help the situation >.<
now, i still miss him, but i have high hopes :)
we're hanging out ALL week and having our date friday :)
he got sick last week so it didnt happen...but this week it will :)...
here's pics from yesterday :)
dont laugh i was wearing no makeup and i only added glow so its hardly edited >.<
*and to clarify, I'M the one that needs the editing. HE looks perfect already ♥
cheek kisses <33
my eyes look marbe-sih ^^
we have the same marks on our little fingers! his is the left one, mine is the right :))
♥ xoxo kisses xoxo ♥
this picture makes me wanna touch his face <3
he hates it but i think its cute, i think we look really young here
can you believe i'm grown?? its crazy ya? @_@
in the grass :) see him having to bend down xD
he got even TALLER! he was exactly a food taller than me last time i saw him nearly a month ago and now i am pretty sure that he grew about 2 inches! and i know im not getting shorter so he had to grow! 

stop growing!!! xD

and yes we both have ponytails :) mine is sort of a bun but yea, we match :)
he's too cutee  :)
we're supposed to hang out today too :] heeeee

and also, we're trying our way with music producing :)
i am doing a song in his bedroom studio
he likes it so far
and you all know that he raps, there's one song by him on my blog and on his there is a different one, and i designed his blog :) it looks cool :) check it out! he blogs pretty frequently and he can be pretty interesting :) i recommend!

we made our first music beat together yesterday so i will put it on our youtube channels later :)
i am working on a new layout for my blog and may be up by the end of the day :)

till laterr, byeeeeee ^_^

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