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Monday, May 2

trying to look alive +my favorite accessory!

goodmorning everyone! well, actually bad morning Dx i am super sick! (hence the title "trying to look alive") although today is my one and only senior skip day, i had planned to go anyway, as you have seen in last nights random improptu, insomniatic vlog post xD
i was already sick yesterday, but felt better by night time so i thought i was fine,
but i got a sugar rush and couldnt fall asleep, then got sick during my sleep :(
hoping i would get better, i got ready for school anyway, as you can see i'm still wearing my school sweater in the pictures...i got sick again :( basically i moved all of my stuff to the bathroom to keep myself from boredome, including my makeup kit that nick bought me
it's definately one of my favorite belongings :)
i have fun mixing the lipglosses and shadows~~
 and the blush looks good on me!
---------------now for my favorite accessory---------------
you'd never guess,
I  T  S   P  A  P  E  R  !
i love it :) i love paper!
who doesnt love D.I.Y. accessories? i have many.
this is thick paper called cardstock, you can color it, cut it out and pin it in your hair :)
thats what i do, like another reference to my valentine's day pic, and a more recent pic
 those are in fact the same heart!
one side is colored in pink marker, the other is painted with red nailpolish
versatile, eh? :)

this is my eyes today, dont know if you can see it so well

purple and i actually used 3 different greens
(not retouched) you can tell since you can see all my pores -.-
trying to look alive xD
only smoothed my skin a little to make my face less shiny
flash pics always make my face look oily -.- blehh
i'm ugly :( but i kinda like it for some reason
and last point of relevance:

i just thought it was funny :) xoxoaeribaby<33333

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