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Tuesday, May 3

R.I.P. Courtnei, i really miss you

what's it been, 3 years now?
you know i still hate Mercy hospital,
they didnt take my unlce during an emergency either, you know
and now he's up there with you.
you'll like eachother, he's funny and i was his favorite, and you're so much like me
he was an artist too
i think you'll hahve fun together :)
i'm sorry about your mom, but at least she's with you again
i still live on our street and always pass our house
i'm sad that this is our only picture,
we were going to take more
when i get up there, we'll finally have our parade :)
i love you CourtneiCranberry ♥
i miss you so much...
♥ Rest in Peace ♥
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