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Sunday, May 1

i'm not actually pretty...

you can already tell that i edit my pictures...but here's before and afters..
i lightened it so it wouldnt be so dark then soften my skin and added blush & background...it made my hair look brown because it needs to be redyed but i didnt feel like fixing it..

i was wearing blush, eyeliner eyeshadow and it was barely showing in the picture same with the rest of the colors so i brightened them & tried to bring them out, & need to redye my hair...and soften my skin even though i was wearing foundation...
i was wearing blush and eyeliner & purple eyeshadow & it wasnt showing like it was in real life so i enhanced it, darkened my hair & added the glow and thats it
brightened, added bg and cross processed

fixed the colors and added the contrast and glow

i'm self conscious, obviously... can't you tell?
honestly, i just edit my pictures because it's fun to me and i do it mostly for fixing the colors and i have bad skin, but despite how much i hate being black i don't lighten myself any...
and it's still me in these pictures, i still look the same
but i look as pretty as i think i should, but i dont...

i have  50$ and i think i'm gonna spend it all on makeup. then i can look as pretty as i wish i did. it just makes me feel like powerful in a way because i can change whatever i want and not everyone knows how to do it, and then at the end i feel so proud and pretty because i know it's still me on that picture and that's how pretty i COULD be. i don't know, idk how to explain it


❤ Moon ❤ said...

I think you look fine the way you look! And let me tell ya one secret; I photoshop my pictures too! Mostly my chin and nose =_=, because some angles make them too flat, lolz.
Use 29839123 tons of make-up too look like this, lol wtf.

I don't think you need any more make-up, just good blusher which complements your skintone. Sometimes I hate myself for being azn (small, flat nose etc.) but I've accepted it. Btw, you think others think you're ugly, but in fact they think you look normal/cute!

Anonymous said...

can you give me some link to edit my picture like that. i love it :))

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