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Friday, May 6

your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.

*(four pictures in this post)*
i've been listening to BoysLikeGirls. i always likedloved that band, it used to be one of my favorites when i was younger, 7th and 8th grade. i listen to them when i feel really sad because they have such cute lyrics and most of thier songs are upbeat, and upbeat songs make me feel better sometimes...
i looked cute-ish yesterday i guess, my stripe cami, jean shorts and of course my converse, +an old heart headband i came across while cleaning my room. of course these pics are from yesterday, today my eyes are very swollen from sobbing last night from the grief of my dead art career. i think i might be done with art.  i'll just go to law school so i can take out all my anger by getting payed to argue with people.
this really isnt that edited. i softened a little added rose, darken my hair and vignette...my hair is turning brown at the ends -.- i need to re-dye it, i will in about a week, more blond again and a blue-black. then this summer maybe go back to green or purple.. dont know...

lyrics are from a song, one of my favorites from BoysLikeGirls


other favorites:

Heels Over Head

The Great Escape


my alltime favorite :)
i'm hungry..


ウィンターちゃん Wynter Chan (。→∀←。) said...

Thank you SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING BANNER JOB~!! I am speechless beyond words. (That was kind of a funny sentance.) I am very honored and it looks amazing~!!
Thank you lah ♥

P o o p e r said...

Your blog looks amazing! *__* Once again! hehe xD

How come your art career is dead? ... D': Nooo. Whyyy though?

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