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Friday, January 14

coffee, pink lipstick and a gift from rabbito!

today after school i did some running around with my grandma
i finally got that coffee from walgreens i've been craving xD ()
now i was super duper  today!
when we were out-and-about, we went to the post office
and i picked up my message from rabbito!

blurred out her addy xD
i was so excited when i picked it up from the delivery center!
her note to me came in this envelope with some very yummy looking food on the front ^_^
(click to enlarge if you want to read it)
i am trying to write a letter back ^_^
front                                 back
click to enlarge and you can read the note ^_^
most kawaii thing i own! i absolutely love it!!!

this super kawaii picture she drew of us was enclosed ^_^
i love it!!! so super adorable~!!! ♥
thank you so much rabbi-chan you have made my year!
this is my first postage from a foreign country!
i am so very happy and excited about this!!!
when she gets back from camp we better have a big long chat!
i miss her so much its insane!
this means so much to me ^_^ <33 
i ♥ you beefee!
while i was out i got this cute pink lipstick :)

sorry for the picture spanm >_<
well thats all for now :)


Saving Capulet said...

you have the coolest photo like, ever! and I'm really glad to be reading happy posts!! rabbito is just the sweetest thing and that drawing is just so darn cute!!

MizArWeN said...

i dino Rabbito can draw such kawaii cartoon...i tod shes only noe how to do pixels. such cutie! (o^^o)

Joee Joe said...

OMG shin-ramyun noodles! xD it tastes good :3 haha~ xD O <3 the last picture :3

P o o p e r said...

Rabbito is such a great artist when it comes to cutesy stuff. :'3

You look HOT in your last four pictures girly!

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