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Friday, January 14

i'll admit that sometimes i do still wish on stars.

sorry that i am so sad these days
i just really really miss my boy 
we cannot find a successful way to see eachother
and wellt makes me really sad to put it simply
i always feel  whenever i leave the house now 
bcoz i'm scared that i'm doing something wrong by it
even when i just go to the grocery store
the only reason i ever want to leave the house
is to see nick and to go to dance classes
ugh -___- 
its almost like i have IBS too now...
but i know i just have really bad nerves
this morning i got bored in my room 
so i took random webcam pictures  
photoscape is the closest i will ever get to a real purikura xD
i got a really sweet message from nicko just now
"well baby i love you more than anything and always will ide do anything for u ur my life boo u mean everything to me and ide never let anything happen to you baby i love you boo hava good day  talk to u after :) <3"
it made me feel like i'm walking on air 

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