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Monday, January 10

la-la-la-lala-love, la-la-love~ makes the world go round!!

 i am going to have a very busy day today
but will be very good and fun 
 peer editing for our essays in 2nd bell
 new classes online for 1, 3 & 7 bell
 presentation in bell 4
 movie in bell 6 
 then bus home~  change clothes~
 then going to see my nicko 
we're exchanging gifts (as well as hugs and kisses )
i ended up not going to church yesterday~
still not entirely sure why... but its okay 
so i danced all day :D
well at least til nick got home and called me XD
hardcore dance sessions FTW!!!
been having alot of those lately xD
dance class made me like mondays xD xD
never thought i ever would!
s p e a k i n g  o f  d a n c e ~
i finally let nick see me dance >_<
and to my surprise... 
he said i'm the best dancer he knows
↑↑ that was my reaction
ugh i was scared that he said it just to make me feel better...
 cuz he knows im competative
and he has dated alot of dancers......
so i hope he means it >_<
we got some new foot yesterday! can you imagine how happy i am? we have apple toaster strudle!!! my fave!
i also have a really strong craving for
~French Vanilla Latte from Walgreens~

walgreens is a drugstore up the street...
they have a coffee machine with many different coffees
including my favorite (^^^)
so i wanted to tell you all about my friend Kaitlin!
she sits with me at lunch and she's really nice :)
she loves anime and cosplay~ she plays as Deidara from Naruto alot
there are no outcasts at our lunch, but sometimes it seems like me and kaitlin are in our own little world
we thrive on making people feel uncomfortable and its alot of fun xD
she's not nice to everyone~ cuz if she hates someone she shows it xD
we have the same kind of sarcastic humor and she always laughs at my jokes :D
she's a huge bookworm o_o
i see her in the library turning in like 5 books then leaves with 10!
and reads them all in like 2 days @_@
i don't understand it xD
she said to me that i'm like the sister she always wanted but never got
because we have so much in common and get along so well
we have a class together but our seats are across the auditorium :(
but she makes lunch really fun ^_^ my whole table is fun!
i might blog about it one day~ with pictures :D
sadly....new classes next week
she might not be in my lunch anymore :(...
i hope that she will...who's gonna quietly wierd people out with me??
well i'll just cross my fingers ^_^
i'm glad i've made a good friend this year
well....think that's all for now
j    a    h    a    n    e

1 comment:

moon said...

cute entry >w<!

i'm really horrible at dancing, err... ok i'm just lazy, mweheheh XD

i hope you will still have lunchbreaks with kaitlin! crossing my fingers for you ^w~

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