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Wednesday, January 12

color test...

not meaning to copy Pooper but i am also amazed by the color quiz...
i was curious to take it... so i did...here are my results
(commentary in purple)

Your Existing Situation

Desires to be respected by others in order to gain their trust and support for her own personal gain.
totally true! :(

Your Stress Sources

"Looking to stand out in the crowd and wanting to keep her rank and status. her current situation is irritating her because she can't seem to find anybody out there who values the same high standards she does. she is feeling isolated and wants to give in to her carnal urges, but can't bring herself to appear weak in the eyes of others. Wants others to see her unique qualities and character but can't stand to come off as needy, so instead she has an ""I don't care"" attitude and pushing people away. she turns her back on those who criticizes her behavior, but beneath her indifference is a person who is in desperate need of approval."
that is basically me... i pushed away alot of people and i hate being embarrassed and get embarrassed very easily...

Your Restrained Characteristics

"Tries to participate and involve herself in things going on around him; however, avoids conflict and arguments to reduce stress and tension."
Emotionally distant even from those closest to her.
Applies tough standards to her potential partner and demands an unrealistic perfection in her sex life.
He is being forced to put happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.
this is also true...especially the last line :( which makes me sad.. i would say the last line reffers to my fiancee's IBS...

Your Desired Objective

"Always trying to make a good impression on others, and is constantly watching to see if she is succeeding in this. Is interested in how others react to him; this makes her feel in control. Strategically plans out ways to gain further influence over others and special recognition. Is easily distracted by the pleasingly beautiful and original."
haha damn they were dead on with this one

Your Actual Problem

"Impressed by unique and one of a kind things, and by people with exceptional personalities. Tries to takes the characteristics she likes in other people and apply it to herself as well as coming across as a unique individual."
i am extremely impressed by unique things and people.. i'm a bit hard to impress though.. i don't copy what other people do, but if they show me a band and i like it then its not a bad thing? i dont really get that last part.

Your Actual Problem #2

"Is disappointed and let down, feels there is no point in making new goals as they will leave her feeling the same way. Looking for friendly, pleasant relationships with others, who will further develop her intellect. she tries to escape into a fantasy world where things go her way and her desires are easier to reach."
unfortunately true...truer than true >_< i like it says "looking for friendly, pleasant relationships with others" because so far i havent found many outside of the blog world lol 

this quiz...has successfully made me believe that i have spyware and is being watched lol

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Saving Capulet said...

just took the test, its so freaky o.o freaky precise!!

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