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Tuesday, January 11

snow day, kissing myself, online graffiti, super jealousy and pictures with my kawaii beefee kaitlin!! quite a busy post xD

well yesterday did not go as planned... 
i wanted to see my ....moo  
today we have the day off school....... 
but i am not very happy about it  
we have exams tomaro and today.......
was supposed to be review day  
and i needed the review 
now i am home on webcam with nicko
to pass the time...he's so cute 
i am kissing myself  haha ewwie i would NEVER 
don't have enough self-confidence for that xD
wanna see some stuff i've been doing lately on vandalsquad?
here's my lastest pieces i've done on Graffiti Studio!
 3D piece done today...i love it :)
 chibi me! :D my cute character
 sevnd<3 that is nicko's tag on there, mine is KOTEN or KO-10
 the character was supposed to look like me ^_^ 
 tried to get realistic with my character xD
 i did the character, nick did the piece ^_^
 my kawaii snow piece! i ♥ it!!!
i made ville :D HIM inspired piece
visit my vandalsquad profile to see all of my stuff :)
i might end up on one of the top crews on that site
one of the people in the crew really likes my style ^_^
never thought this would happen haha
my jealousy has been getting the best of me lately
sometimes i just feel like...well i don't know how to describe it..
i don't like it though....not at all 
 ❝jealousy's the cousin of greed
it's true... i want him all to myself.... 
i get jealous when girls talk to him all the time...
my blog friends, i don't mind them talking to my boy,
~ cuz i can trust you guys 
but other girls.... i do not trust them......
i do not like it when a girl will talk to my boy every single day
then only talks to me when he is offline ~
& when we are both on, does not talk to me 
but when they do talk to me, act like everything is fine 
 that is a NO NO!!!! not fine at all ~!!! 
and i get jealous very very easy now 
this song brought up those feelings...
this song makes me scared...
It's been a while, since I've gone 
and fucked things up, just like i always do....
i t ' s  b e e n  a  w h i l e  , 
but all that shit seems to disappear 
w h e n    i ' m    w i t h    y o u
but everything I can't remember, 
as f u c k e d up as it may seem...
the consequences that I've rendered, 
i've gone and  f u c k e d  things up again

i might put this song in my "songs left unexplained" section..
it has enough meaning in it do be there..
i always loved this song, until it applied to me...
this is part two of this feeling...
I learned to live half alive
& now you want me one more time..

w  h  o   d  o   y  o  u   t  h  i  n  k   y  o  u   a  r  e  ?
running 'round leaving scars...
collecting your jar of hearts,
a n d  t e a r i n g  l o v e  a p a r t . .
you're gonna catch a cold,
from the ice inside your soul...
so don't come back for me,

who do you think you are?..
there is too much... too many feelings for this blog
i'll blog the whole of these feelings in private..
very touchy subject...you know...
i think i am going to start pixelling again ^_^
the more bored i get, the more i think about it xD
i always get bored and go on photobucket
and i collect pixels @_@
most of the ones i use, i make them on my own
but i sometimes i use ones i find laying around
i want to learn to animate on photoshop >_< idk how!
but i will be pixelling again :) and probably re-do my old resource site...cuz i really miss it xD
now to end this post, some pics with kaitlin we took in the library!
this is the friend i told you all about yesterday ^_^ 
free books!!!
:D i caught her by surprise :D
now we're sad :(
now we're not sad anymore :D
now we're bored x_x
now we're giggling :D
now we're super kawaii :D :D
and now kaitlin's confuzzled xD
i hope everybody is having a good day today :)

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Joee Joe said...

I LOVE YOUR GRAFITTI!!! >w< So cool!! :D

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