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Wednesday, January 12

a photo from last month...kute right??
photoscape gave me the flower :P
we have a two hour delay from school today 
guess there is still alot of snow...
the roads are icy and i cant see the sidewalk >_<
its going to be a hard time trying to get to the bus stop
cross my fingers that the scheyer's shovelled thier driveway xD
or i have to stand in the snow 
hmm...i've been feeling greedy lately.. >_>
i was thinking about my birthday and what i want...
hehe well idk...
there so many stuffs i want!
bright colored nail polish
black amethyst body spray
bright colored bobby pins/hair clips
shop for cute clothes ^_^
go to get some sushi!
either from kabuto or the chinese buffet
the buffet would be better, cuz lots more food :D
all you can eat!! but kabuto would be cute for a date :)
you don't know what i would give...
to have even a california roll right now >_<
 i love sushi way too much!!
for some reason i have had this craving for cute things lately
i want  thoughful gifts and cute decorations
i want to decorate my phone case with ribbons and gems >_<
jeezi sure have turned into a girly girl 
it' is a very wierd feeling for me
can you imagine that a few years ago,
i asked for a leaf blower for my birthday 
and i got it too xD 
it's a little hard to explain how i ended up this way..
i came up with some reasons, 
but some things i just cant figure out 
if you wanna know the reasons just tell me
and i'll make a post about it ;)
i have started pixell-ing again :D
i am much better than i was before 
after i make 10, i will post them :)
i want it to be february already!!
new degrassi comes on in february ^_^
and....my  birthday... :\....mehh
i'm not nearly as excited about my b-day as it seems
i mean....i will be 18 years old....
no party, no friends to celebrate with, no cake-like thing...
no big gifts, and no one at school is gonna remember...
i pushed them away mostly anyway..
i am not in the best mood but i think today will be an okay day
i'm gonna try to make it good

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Saving Capulet said...

I'm glad to hear that you are having a nice day, keep the positivity!! and that is a wonderful photo of. I have to mention that I just love all the blinking and the icons in this post, so cute and colorful!

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