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Thursday, December 10

took some pictures in animal care! again..

the cute lizard <3

the ferrets!! oscar and grandpa =^_^=

You are happy today when others want to work or play with you.
Luckily, you should have ample opportunity to engage in a variety of group activities,
 even if you must sacrifice a bit of freedom to make it happen.
But don't forget about your own needs
because personal fulfillment is also crucial to your overall sense of well-being.
The trick is to find a sensible balance between individual and social expression.

yeah, that sounds about right.
like the first part esecially...
because i want to do something extra-curricular
but im afraid it will take away all of my freedom
which i dont have much of anyway..

im not entirely sure what "social expression" means though,
i know individual expression is expressing yourself
but what about social?
is that how you express others?
how you express yourself to others??
i'm confused about that a little bit...

but anyways, yesterday sucked a little.
but i got a lot of feelings out..
my knuckles are a bit raw and im not having the best dreams
i found myself stuttering, breathing hard, and cursing alot
which i dont usually do...

i took it all out on dance to try and get myself to feel better
it worked a little
i've choreographed a dance to "Petite Love" by Smile.DK
and i plan on no one EVER seeing it :)

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