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Monday, December 7

he's on my mind...♥

the picture says it all...

if you click on this one↓ it'll get bigger and there' words in the heart

so yea...i like my socks lol

okay, well while i'm here i'll tell you something that happened today i thought was funny.
i'm apparently a homosexual male. XD
okay, so i'm at the doctors right? im sittin in a seat over by the corner across from the door. this girl comes in and looks at me. her and her mom are at the front desk and she keeps looking back at me. i picked up a gameinformer and started reading. when they came back from the desk, the girl sat right next to me. i just kept reading. she giggled and i looked over and she was smiling at me. i looked away again and she said "hey!!" i said hi back. "whats up?" she says, i said i was reading...she asked the obvious. she asked what i like to do and i said i was into art. "oooh, so you're the sweet sensitive type, thats cool! hehe!" i was confused. she asked if i played any instruments and i told her i played guitar, bass and piano. "omg thats so cool!! you should play for me sometime" but i wasnt confused after she said "so...do you have a girlfriend?" i said no but didn't get to finish my sentence. 
she goes "aww, why not? you're such a cute guy" i was no longer confused...she thought i was a dude! i was wearing an army-style jacket and no make-up, loose jeans and my old Vans. i don't think i looked like a boy but i guess i did and apparently im a cute guy?
i told her i had a boyfriend and she was like "omg ur gay?! i would have never even guessed that!"

i wanted to shoot myself in the head XD

i was like sure lol "if you ever change ur mind and want a girl, u want my number?" i said no lol
i went over to get a drink of water and i come back and there's a new contact in my phone labled as "the cutie from the doctors (: (: <333" i looked at her then just looked away.

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