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Wednesday, December 9

"...do i have to make a list about that too?" ←silly Nicko <3

"Even if you have recently felt resistance in your path,
your true friends are finally ready to come to your aid.
And it may be just in time, for you might consider quitting today.
You can still see the possibilities,
but you just don't know if your well of energy is deep enough to keep going for much longer.
At least, give it a few more days before walking away.
It's likely your confidence will return
and you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world."

that's my horoscope today...once again, it makes sense
it kinda makes sense more for last night, but it still made sense anyway.
sometimes, i have these moments where i think too much
i like my life, but i cant seem to like myself at all
there's not even one thing i like about myself.

well, as soon as Nick saw that, he called me
i remember him saying 
"why dont you like yourself? ...do i have to make a list about that too?"
i said no and laughed, he's so silly

well hearing his voice automatically made me blush
(one of the good things about talking on the phone is that he cant see it XD)
he's got the cutest voice to me
talking to him always cheers me up

i was bored and looked up our love horoscope...
it was just like i knew it would be!!
and i guess i put my 2 cents in XD

Aquarius and Saggitarius
Aquarius is innovative and unique.
(i guess i am different XD)
Aquarius is usually attracted to people who share their core beliefs,
 as long as Aquarius believes them to be intelligent,
open-minded, compassionate and well-intentioned.
(and he is!! ♥
When Aquarius meets a Sagittarius,
 they are instantly attracted to them on a mental level.
(its true! ♥ i new i loved him the first time i looked in his eyes ♥)
 With a Sagittarius, Aquarius will have a solid friendship
(he is my best friend ^_^)
and remain loyal through thick and thin.
(and he loves my loyalty!!)
Since Sagittarius is not a particularly emotionally-charged person,
 Aquarius tends to relate to others through rational thought... and rationally,
Sagittarius scores enough points to win Aquarius' heart.
soooo true!♥

well, since im out sick today, i'm gonna work on my online class.
and try to catch up on work...maybe make some pixels or something
idk, but first think on my list...
is to eat XD
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