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Tuesday, December 8

kitty is sick :( again :(

Today, i got a vaccine for the H1N1 flu...well, my momm signed me up for the mist instead of the shot......and i had a raw spot in my nose. plus, thy're basically spraying the live virus up your nose and telling you to breath which puts it in your lungs. BAD IDEA. i wish i would have gotten the shot.
within minutes of the nasal spray, i was already sick. my friend Kasey is a witness, she was sitting with me in the auditorium at school. we had to stay for 15 minutes to check for reactions...i had a reaction in probably less than 5. i was surprised it affected me at all because i've got a pretty gnarly immune system, but it came quick (haha thats what she said!! *cough cough* anywayz...) i went to the nurse and there were piles of people in there. most of the people who got sick had the mist just like i did, a couple people got sick from the shot. a girl in my psychology class broke out in hives and her hand stiffened up. my symptoms were pretty stupid.
headache, fatigue, upset stomach, dizzyness, sleepyness, all that jazz...
pretty annoying stuff, i didnt like it, especially after it got worse
i finally went home, after waiting about an hour, and i fell asleep for about an hour. i woke up and as soon as i tried to walk, i fell on my but because i was too weak, and when i tried to give up again, my stupid knee went out. and no one was home so i had to pop in back into place and try to get up again -_-  yoko nai and not fun.
now my throat hurts and i tried to eat toast...heh heh, toast
know what toast does?
bad idea, lol
i'm on my 6th cup of coffee, and i keep falling asleep out of nowhere.
Nicko thinks my random sleeping is cute XD
earlier he sent me "Muah!"
i said "muuuah! i wish i could kiss you in real life but i'm sick :("
he said "lol kitty unlike some ppl idc if ur sick i'll still kiss u"
some may call it unsanitary...i call it adorable!
i know im strange... you guys can get over it :P

1 comment:

Mina said...

I still say sue. -.- You dislocated your knee?!?! OUCH!

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