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Friday, December 11


*yawn* surprisingly good dream last night !!
also turned on my phone to a cute text from mt bf
so far it has been a really good day!!
hopefully it stays this way
know why
i have a show today!

something some of you may not know
is that i have an on-call job,
there is an Illusionist (or magician) named Phil Dalton who i know
and i run the spot light for his magic shows.
when there's a show coming up, i get a call
and i get a ride there & back, get paid and some food!
its a great deal!!

i'm pretty excited  !!

the reason i have to have a good day,
is because i want to do good for the show!
its our first show in a while, so its been a bit since i touched a light
im scared that if im worried at all
i'll do bad...

but i'll be fine since its a good day :)

i tried to make a button...
idk if i did good or not though,

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