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Monday, November 15

why am i wierd? i'm really starting to hate it.
ever since i was little, i've never been so dependant on friends or other people that i wasn't always doing my own thing.
i did try to fit, i was in maybe 2nd or 3rd grade, but it just wasnt me..
i always liked "different" things, but i never thought they were wierd...i thought people were just being mean, but they really do think i'm wierd..
people think it is "wierd" that i like music in different languages, that i like anime, that i constantly write out my feelings into songs or poems or the way i like to dress or talk...it's like every single thing about me is wierd!!!
i really don't like the word "wierd" ...i prefer "unique," "different" or "uncommon." i've also been called "strange" which kind of hurts my feelings :( but what can i do about it?
conform? no. because that doesnt make me happy at all.
kill everyone who doesn't like it? ...possibly. xD
i WILL listen to my finnish bands, i WILL watch my anime, i WILL sing in korean, i WILL write out my feelings and i WILL wear all the god damn fishnet stockings i want!!! because that is what I like. and those are the things that keep me somewhat content...

i don't see what is so hard to understad...
they like jersey shore, i like peach girl.
they like David Beckham, i like Ville Valo.
they like seventeen magazine, i like Metalhammer.
they like facebook, i like blogger.
they like harry potter...i like Negima!
they like adam lambert, i like gackt
they like burgers, i like sushi
chicken noodle on a sick day? i like miso

i'm not nearly as "wierd" as they think...
i don't care what they think :) im gonna keep being me.


Aidyl said...

Most people fear things that are new or unusual to them. "Why trying something different when I can stay in the same safe situation?"
I think thats why they just call everything that is different weird, so they dont have to deal with it / can stay in their comfort zone.
I think a "weird" life is much more interesting than always trying to fit in. =)
Btw, I would prefer your hobbies/likes too~!
So dont let those people get you down and keep doing your own thing! I think you are awesome!!
Lotsa love<3,

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

You are not weird okay! Screw to all those bakas who called you weird!! ○=(`Д´*)o We've been friends since last year and I think you're cool and I'm very glad that I knew you and I wish we could meet with each other one day and I want to hug you so tightly! o(;A;)o

Let me tell your my past experience, that time I decided to learn English. For your info, English is an optional subject in our school and less than 20 students including me took English classes and everyone in school labelled me as "English wannabe" and ugh, they didn't even want to talk to me. But I just kept being me, act like nothing happened, still smile as usual and everything is okay now!

So just be yourself and remember, me and Aidyl always love you Berry!(^3^)♥♥♥


Everyone is different, it's just that the way you are is uniquely different from other elses deed. You know, don't think that being weird or being something different from others is negative. As long as you are being with yourself, Everything will be alright, okay? Berry, remember that WE are your friends, we accept you just the way you are. Cheer up! WE ARE ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. OKAY?

nick said...

its ok im wierd to haha but were wierd together but not really cuz we see normal to me

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