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Wednesday, October 27

Get Well Soon Rabbito!

made this card for rabbito who is sick with food poisoning!
get well soon i miss your blogging already :D
♥ you rabbi-chan ^_^


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Berry! OMG I love this card thank you very much for your concern o(;A;)o I feel touched! DXDXD *sobs* I hope we can be friends.. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! (^3^(>w<♥)

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I wubb you too Berry! Anyway, can you send me your full address? Cuz I wanna send you a bomb (LOL!JKJK!) a very special thing for you (^O^)

Don't forget to email me okay? XDXD

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