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Friday, October 29

goodmorning ^_^

see the rade guages? i lost one of my black ones :( 
i wanna get 0 tapers so i can get in my guages
i still have my purple 00's that are my goal to get in >.<
i want them in by my birthday
meanwhile, doing the daily texting of the nicko :)
always makes my mornings good....
its like if i dont talk to him in the morning,
my whole day is incomplete D:
even if he calls me after school
now i'm eating a cinnamon roll
despite the questionable appearance... (xD)
it actually tastes like heaven :D


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Hahaha! The cinnamon roll looks a bit weird! XDXD What is the whity thingy that you put on it anyway?

Aidyl said...

G'Mooooornin! =)
Hahaha, that looks really...welll..errr...xD
as long as it tastes good, nevermind!

Have a super nice day~! Chu~

btd. said...

Hope you get the purple ones in by your birthday! Yummy Cinnamon Roll! :)

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