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Sunday, October 24

photoshop update!

i'm getting better you guys!
 newest thing i've figured out on photoshop is how to transfer tatoos :) you guys may recognize this picture as nick by the pool. i cropped it and added a background and put all of Ville Valo's tattoos on him. looks pretty good i think :)
i was experimenting with how to make fangs and it worked! i created a layer with my teeth and used liquify and changed my eyes and berry color and armsock color...then ultra softened my skin and wah-la! Vampire Kitty :)
 hahaha! okay, this one was a joke for a friend of mine...(wont name any names XD) he's a fan of this band called Deathstars that he got me into and said he would LyKe ToTaLlY gO gAy 4 eRic BaCkmAn <3333 so i made this for him XD funny part is, he's straight! so this was a joke. but i actually kinda like the wallpaper XD
this is a banner i made for my friend Bella aka Hazuki Hotaru. this is for her new story, she has a few blogs so idk which one to link you to XD but this is for her new story called "Forget"
 made this for my ti ti mayra :) thought it was cute and tropical ^_^
hahaha XD sara is awesome lol made this for her


Aidyl said...

O___O Wow!
Your skills are amazing!!! >0</
Did you teach yorself all those techniques or was it a course at school?
How long did it take you to develop such skills?
Respect @ 100%!!

Aidyl said...

Oh, and you look super cute in your new header picture!! \(>0<)/

Anonymous said...

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