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Sunday, October 24


sorry for the sort of hiatus guys... did you miss me?  i missed all of you  how's life been for you guys!? i been ok  i've actually been doing good in school :D but its so frustrating  OMG STRESS!!! ahh! but anyway, that picture up there ↑ like my new glasses? :D that was at the Rennisance Festival with Nicko :) yes i am still with his little sexy butt XD he's amazing :) that was my first time at the rennisance festival :)

here's a few things me and him have been up to:
- got me a new bike 
- painted the new bike
- went to the Rennisance festival (my first time!!)
- rode bikes and bought new video games
- cuddled in a bean bag chair :D
- talked on the phone nonstop
- IM'd and listened to music

insert about 5million hugs & kisses and there's a brief summary 
hehehe i love him so much 

yesterday we hung out all day and on friday i went over too :) i finally plugged up my PS2 again and he gave me a game. Sims bustin out! :D i know its old, but i like it so far ^_^ first time playin it. and he bought me Sims2 ^_^ i'm definately happy about it!! i love sims :) sims 3 is coming out soon too...i really want it!

i've got so many pictures to put on here >.< i'm getting alot better at photoshop :D i'm trying to learn how to pixel on there...so far, i'm failing XD but you know how it is lol gotta start somewhere!
i'm on the phone with Nicko at the moment and it sounds like he's playing DiRT 2 :) i like watching him play video games for some reason...don't ask why cuz idk either XD

here's a couple of recent pictures of me:
i would also like to say RIP to my friend Aidyl's blog :( it was deleted before i could read the last post but it is gone...she's an amazing person and i hope she gets back on and remakes a blog one day. her advice always helped me out.
speaking of people i miss chatting with, i miss Rabbito, Rineko and Candy Tuft! i keep up with you guys a little on FB but i miss your blogs! i'm gonna start getting back on alot more now :)

Dios Bendiga!
i love all you guys :)

till later!! xoxo


Koo said...

Aww :)
You look gorgeous in the pics btw :)

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Yay! You're back! (^O^) Welcome back Berry!♥ Your photoshop skills are getting better! AHHHH! (;A;) I feel envy!! XDXD

Are you wearing glasses right now? Short-sightedness? (o.o;;)

Yup, Aidyl suddenly deleted her blog and I didn't even get the chance to say bye to her! o(T^T)o *cries* And I haven't seen Candyturf for a long time.. I wonder where did she go (> <;;)

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Yeah! (^w^) Maybe spamming her blog is a good idea! XDXDXD ♥

btd. said...

I'm glad you've returned and I love the glasses! I've also gotten new glasses. I'm glad you've been doing good! :)

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