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Monday, October 25

[[ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ]] - Miss You [[♥]]

Dear Nicko,
     i miss you! i'm sitting at school listening to music and i just got a quiz done in my online US history! we have Windows 7 on out school computers [[or maybe its Vista? i think it might be XD idk]] and i put a slideshow of pictures of us as my background :) its cute ^_^ i can always see them in the corner of the screen. i love the one where your all huddled up in a towel and you pop up on the screen like "HI!!! =D" hahaha its so cute!
see! this one!!!
you're so cute Nicko XD *blows kisses* even though you're at school i bet you're looking at this right now :P haha there's a chance if you're on the computer and you're bored [[lol]] well i'm making a whole new section on my blog of just love notes to you that i write when i'm bored and its on the Navigation ^_^
well i gotta go :D
call me baby [[♥]]

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