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Thursday, October 28

Poem - I Remember A Time

i remember a time when i was strong
when the nights were short and the days were long
friends were loyal and sisters were true
a time long before i met you.

i remember a time when i was young
singing to myself with a guitar, fully strung
ballet was my life and everyone always shared,
but i still never had a friend that cared.

i remember a time when i was okay
when i slept in the woods and the sky was gray
no one was with me but one little cat
i was happy, but no one could understand that..

i remember a time when i was depressed
someone broke my heart and ripped it out of my chest
i felt like a fool for believeing every lie
and did something that made me just want to die . . .

i remember a time when i was in hiding
in my room, in the house where i was residing
i was hurt so much, i just wanted to be alone
by choice, i didnt even use the house phone

i remember a time when i fell in love
for real this time, like i'd always dreamed of
real love, and now for my heart to mend
i think i've found something that will never end*

1 comment:

Koo said...

This poem is amazing :) :)
I love all the paras!

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