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Wednesday, December 8

 i really miss my nicko :( i got to see him on webcam last night after he finally got his working....first time i seen his face in over too weeks and still pretty as ever! i wish we saw eachother more :( he just lives up the street and around a few corners...i hate the cold but i would walk to him if he wanted me to <3
he don't have a celly now tho :[ his parents were trippin for who knows what reason and took it...so now no more morning chats before school starts :( which means i am very tired in morning cuz he wakes me up xD
soon i wont have a celly :/ the contract for my cell phone ends at the end of the month @_@ but i think that's okay. i will get a cheep phone and a cheep service this time around. i only text 4 people...mom, tehya, papi and nicko and those are the only people i call also +grandma so i dont need nothing fancy =) maybe i'll get cincinnati bell or cricket.. not sure yet. we will see ^_^

i am actually happy 2 start over with a new phone...i wont give anyone my # so i wont get annoyed, and i'll only talk to the people i need to :) +mobiles can cause problems... like when ppl you don't like try to text you or just say they wanna hang out and that they're coming to my house =.= no. your not coming to my house...me no like you. xD if they don't text me, then i will never know...and they cant warn me so i can act like i'm not home even better :) it'll be nice when no one has my number. no more chain messages or people attempting to start "drama"

i wore my guitar pick earings today. they say "rebel" hahaha i bought them from claire's when i was like 1 years old xD i only bought them cuz they had some guitars and black and white studs came with them...i didn't really want these xD
my fingers are frozen ;-;
oh yeah, and you know how i said i was gonna make an entry exam to be my beefee? (sounds cuter than BFF hahaha xD sounds....beafy >:D xD well anyway...) i'm actually making it xD just for fun!



☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Beefee! That sounds cute to me as well! o(^-^)o I love your pictures! You look as innocent as a kid! o(*O*)o Call me crazy I recently have this obsession to google over the internet about cute babies and children! When I saw them I was like... "Awwwww♥♥"! You totally look like the one I saw in an Asian baby site! XDXD

PS. I'm not a pedophile lmao! Hehehe =3

btd. said...

Aww I wish you and him could see each other more! I know what you mean about the cell phone thing though. =/ You're gauging your ears! 0_o COOL! XD ^_^

P o o p e r said...

Aww how come you guys haven't been able to see each other for two weeks? :(
I hope he'll be able to get his cell phone back. >.<; Before my bf left to Iraq I use to get so upset when he didn't call me in the mornings! xD Something about talking with the one you love makes you feel all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day. ^-^

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