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Monday, December 6

tired blehh >_< kitty want sleep!

well i woke up today really late....i was not happy at all -___-
woke up at 6:30 had to leave at 6:35
i was so not done sleeping!!
its pajama day...so it took a long time cuz i dont wear pajamas so i had to find some >_>'
yes its exactly what you think lol dont think about that too hard xDDD
i also got my new bus pass today
i ride a short bus -_- i get made fun of for it so bad >_>
it is not because i am disabled (well i kinda am though xD)
but not alot of people take the bus because you have to pay for it so they use a small bus to save money on diesel.
modelling appointment thursday ~ worried ~ i am afraid to know how i'll do. t is now very much hitting me in the head that this is a job. not just an opportuntiy.. if they accept me, i can get paid... i can be in magazines... there is a small chance that this could go somewhere and possibly have the 15 minutes of fame i always dreamed of.. now i am even more nervous than before. but i am still excited to do it...
i have also been having really bad pains in my right knee. i have had arthiritis since i was 10 years old, mostly because of vigorous amounts of dancing, along with bike riding and playing hockey and baseball alot it took a big strain on my knees...especially ballet.  i think it is because the muscles you use to play sports counteract with the muscles i use to dance. dancing gets you more flexible while sports make you stronger but less flexible and i didn't really get that yet. it feels like to me that the only sport you can play as a dancer is track and cross-country...maybe cuz those are the ones that strained me less, but who knows. well a couple of days ago i woke up and my knee was throbbing and feels really hot right now. i went to go sit on the couch and my hand was on my knee and i felt air bubbles moving around in my knee!!!! it was so icky feeling >_>' i made my sis feel it and she got all shrivelled up in her part of the couch and made a deep squealing noise that reminded me of a dying baby pig O_o i was like jeez is it really that gross?? ...well yes it is haha. last night on my way to bed i was doing stretches and when i bent my knee up i saw the bubble float across my patella and it felt so grooosssss! i felt it rise up my skin and sink into a crevise behind my knee-cap and i pretty much passed out xD thats how i fell asleep xDDD hahahahaha oh my goodness it was so wierd. i need to go to the doctor about it soon.
i will post later, i have work to do online. i also have some big news to tell you all :)
x  o  x  o  ~  ♥


Meri and Anni said...

You are so good to editing pictures! I like those ^^

xiao yuan moon said...

people can be so cruel ! >.>

anyway, i hope your knee gets better soon!

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