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Tuesday, December 7

in need of a new beanie >_>

i want this beret!! badly! it reminds me so much of the beanie i want ^_^ but...will it look wierd when i re-dye my hair black ? i always thing that black beanies on people with black hair look funny...people with brown hair look better with them than black hair.  i love beanies!! i used to have them in so many colors, but people borrowed them and never gave back...then they moved =.= hat steelers XD
i had a teal one, (i'll admit i look better in green than any color) i had a dark purple one, i have a maroon one that i've had forever cuz it used to be my moms, an ivory one i collected from a yard sale, used to have a brown one, a dark green one, a gray one, blue one and a rainbow striped one...and they're all gone T^T one day i will do my collection all over again! even if i have to buy a bunch of white ones and dye them i will have them back!!!!
gahh, i need a job. i've applied so many places @_@
i also have apps to turn in still....
i need to turn in another gamestop one and a wet seal one and just reaplied to the craft shop then applying at wal-mart and following up on kroger and checking in @ shoe carnival then see if hot topic said anything then check my email to see if i got anything from Nike or Converse...or Forever 21 or the Dollar Store or the other craft store or the other grocery store or the drug store or the food court or the...the... *faints*
o.o ... *twitches* e_e
ughh >_> well so far the most promising jobs are from shoe carnival and hopefully that modelling agency accepts me, thats a job ^_^ jesus christ superstar this work is so hard!
i used to have an unhealthy obsession with that musical >_> and now i hate it haha actually i only think i hate it i havent seen it since i was like 9 haha. i'm so bored! sitting in study hall waitin for it to be over. the day goes fast after lunch basically, especially after this bell. i think it goes fast after lunch because i like the classes after it. we have a mock congress for the next 2 weeks till winter break and i'm in 2 commitees....i write bills :D hell ya! its awesome :] so far none have been read yet...but i have 2 more ideas. technically after you turn in 2 bills you already pass for the whole 2 weeks but if you write more than 2 you get extra credit so i'm doing that! i think its fun.
and everyone likes my present outfit! they all say they like my socks xD and the holly berry on my face. i like it too :D yay! i farted... i think the guy next to me heard it :/ i'm hyper cuz i had sausage for breakfast! don't ask why sausage makes me hyper cuz i dont even know....i love it :D i farted again :( 
well i'm gonna play some mahjongg. does anyone else ever play it? its been one of my favorite things since i was only 8 ^_^ kyodai is the best though
sorry for all the randomness.........bye!!!


Joee Joe said...

So those are called beanies? I never knew what are they called :X haha I love it too ^^ they have an elegant look :D

Saving Capulet said...

I am in dire need of slouchy beanies too TT3TT

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