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Saturday, December 11

new shirt! ~i love discount stores ^ω^

 a couple of days ago when i went to the modelling appointment~
we stopped at a store to get a christmas present for my sis
and i found a few cheep tops that my mom let me get! 
(click the picture below for my comments on it)
i sooo love it! its a different style than i usually wear
but i really like it :) and i love the color ~
i got a couple of other shirts also, but havent worn them yet :)
will post pics when i do tho~
in the meantime ~
i finished making my BeeFee Quiz!
click here if you wanna take it ^-^
just do it for fun if you want xD
mehh today has been very uneventful so far...
not such a good mood either  sigh..
this "being happy" thing is getting hard again,
i wanna go places, but have no one to go with me..
also can't drive or money for bus fare
[[and no jobs have called me back yet]]
i'm starting to get very frustrated >_>
 just somebody kidnap me?!! 
as for the photoscape tutorials ~
i am figuring out a way to do them :)
probably the screenshot way
but what would you all like to see first?
i'm thinking of doing a vintage photo first
let me know your suggestions :)
j  a  h  a  n  e  ♥


Meri and Anni said...

It is lovely that you write your blog almost every day ^^ I like read your post, and i read usually every post what you're made! :D Anyway, your new shirt is cool ^^ I like<3

Saving Capulet said...

oh you look absolutely wonderful! I love the style and color of the shirt :> about the tut, yeas plz! vintage plz! :> but it is entirely up to you <3

Anonymous said...

o0o0 i luv purple. how did the modeling thing go?

P o o p e r said...

The outfit looks awesome! I'm loving the shirt, studded belt AND shoes. :D

I would like to vote for vintage first and then the other on. :'3

Noooo, keep that hope alive! D:
If you feel like that you're slipping away from your good mood try to immediately watch something that'll make you happy or listen to stuff that brings up your mood. Unless you're in one of those moods where music and laughter won't help. D: I HATE THOSE KINDS.

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