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Sunday, November 29

dame un beso, (give me a kiss)

( you know you wanna kiss me ;D )
i was playing with make up and pictures,
cuz you know how bored i get.
and i started thinking randomly about kisses
because my lips were red

in spanish it means give me a kiss :)

i'm not really sure why kisses are so nice, but i love them!
probably because all the kisses i get are from nicko :P
kisses are kind of like speaking without words
like a different kiss means a different thing, or at least to me

soft kiss: "i love you"
long kiss: "stay with me"
long hard kiss: passion
kiss on the cheek: "you're so cute"
kiss on the shoulder: "you're not like the others"
kiss on the back: "you're my angel (kissing where your wings should be)"
kiss on the hand: calling you princess

and i could go on :)

i really like that picture! i'm proud of myself!

dang, with lips like that, i'd totally kiss me ;]
...did i just say that?

its quite strange, but lately i've been feeling "pretty"
which is not a usual feeling for me...
but you know whats wierd?
i figured out why!
the answer to me feeling pretty:
playing bass.
pretty much ever since i started playing i've been jokingly calling myself hot and stuff like that and my boyfriend noticed and said he liked it and then i noticed and was like "i said that?!"
turns out, yes i did, lol
so, i tested myself to figure it out.
i figured that maybe it was the bass that made me feel better than usual or if maybe i just got prettier,
so i went one day without playing bass.
played bass the next day and all of a sudden i was hot again XD

i'm so wierd.. XD

i wanted this as my banner...but it didn look right :(


Mina said...

You know, that's not weird. That's how I first felt when I started playing my guitar, I felt like the hottest thing in the world. But you gotta learn that your beautiful without it too, ok? Lol, I feel like Dr. Phil. Didn't mean to go all guidance counselor on you! LOve the pic!

Berry Quiñones said...

the thing is, i was playing guitar long before i started bass and never felt a thing. same with piano and singing, but bass...i just love the way it sounds and i guess the thought that its me making the sound is like "hey, ur cool..." XD im so lame

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