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Sunday, November 29

saturday night.

guess who i hung out with tonight!
[hint:  most adorable person ever!]
yea, that's right, i was with my Nicko !!
we saw the movie Ninja Assassin
it was super gory (which i love) and it was a cool story too,
you'd be surprised its actually kind of sweet!
the main character is a ninja who's pretty much heartbroken after his "father" killed the girl he loved for doing something wrong. the girl he loved tried to escape from the clan but failed and he would have been next for the clan leader i guess but his final test was to kill a girl but instead he sliced his fathers face and had been fighting other ninja from his clan ever since. then, this reporter lady person decided to make a case or investigation because all these ninja were killing everyone, and who ever they are after will recieve an envelope that looks to be a letter but its full of black sand. at the beginning of the movie, there was a guy getting a tattoo. the guy who was actually doing the tattoo had actually been stabbed "through the heart" by a ninja, but because of a birth defect, his heart was on the other side so he lived. the same thing happened to the reporter at the end who also turns out to have the same birth defect!
all of that may not have made sense,
but you NEED to see this movie!
i really liked it!

near the end of the movie, nick started holding my hand
good thing its dark, cuz i was blushing out of my mind!
i know, holding hands, no big deal.....
well, maybe not to you, but i love holding hands :)

it was a cold car ride home, so i snuggled him in the car
and i could hear his heartbeat <3
nothing feels better than being in his arms.


Anonymous said...

you are so cute! I still love to hold hands hee :) hands are very sensitive they have every nerve ending in the body, that means when you touch hands you are touching ALL the nerves that run through the body, that honey is why it feels SO GOOD!!
have a beautiful sunday sweetheart.

Mina said...

Everytime I read one your Nicko blogs, it makes me want to have a special someone! = [ Lol! I wanan see that movie too! I had to skip down to the last part of your blog cuz I don't wanna know what happens! Lol!

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